Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People are nice!

It was my Birthday last Sunday and can I just say people are way to nice! Thanks to my family for lunch, shopping another lunch, Sunday dinner plus really nice presents. Thanks to my friends for the emails, calls, card's in the mail, breakfast, dinner and again all the nice gifts. Oh ya and my Husband and girls for the night out and fun gifts! Seriously I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life! Thanks. When I was younger I used to LOVE to celebrate my birthday, I even celebrated my 1/2 Birthday! I would have birthday month/week and love every minute of it, but as the older I get I have realized that the world does not revolve around me and I kinda get really embarrassed when I celebrate my b-day. Need less to say I am truly blessed to have my friends and family in my life!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey everybody it Family Night!

So It is the beginning of the year, so I wanted to start it off right with FHE and a little Scripture Study. On Monday nights the girls have dance until 7pm so that makes it a little hard to fit in FHE! But not at the beginning of the year! I was determined to get them both in! So this is how our night went. The girls get home and they get to pick one of the yummy left overs for dinner, pizza, mashed potatoes or speg.o's. I did make a salad, so while I was warming up dinner in the microwave Chad led us in We Thank The O'God for a Prophet, then Elli said the prayer on the food and to open up our FHE. So while everyone is eating I am giving the lesson on the importance of Scripture Study and in between bites everyone gets a turn to read! So for the activity Elli chooses to do a wii tennis tournament cause she can beat everyone, even dad! So we all humor her and she takes us all and wins it, then Chad and I were going outside to snow blow and shovel all the beautiful snow and help out some neighbors, as we were walking out Madi told me she would make us our FHE treat while we were outside. So when we came in this was her wonderful creation! Vanilla pudding, Peanut Butter on a pretzel so the mento's gum would stick! It was delicious! What a great Family Night!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Got Tagged!

What I was doing 10 years ago: I just quit my job at Alliance Credit Union, tried to finish my degree at WSU and worked for my husband at home (he was self employeed) and,Going through major infertility procedures!
Five things on my to-do list today:
1- Go to the gym
2- Finish the laundry
4-Primary Meeting
5- Clean my messy house!
Snacks I like:
1- Chocolate
2- Cheese
3- Homemade goodies
And I wonder why I am chubby! There is only one healthy snack in the bunch!
Places I've lived:
1-Salt Lake
2-North Ogden
Five things I would do if I had billions:
1-Finish my Basement!!!!!!
2-Be really nice to people
3-Provide my kids with a great college and wedding fund!
4-Travel with anybody that would want to come with me!
5-Start a business!

K--I tag: Marnae, Tesha, Tammy and Angie!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for Bear Lake, every year our little family spends the day after Christmas to right after the New Year in Bear Lake, we started this tradition about 4 years ago. We would go up with my sister Angie and her family then Chad's parents got a cabin so we have been staying there! We have a great time snowmobiling, sledding, swimming, playing games, movies and lots of good food! The kids love, love, love to spend time with their cousins and have a great time staying up until midnight every night, and NOT sleeping in! Horrible combination, but they love it! Some of Chad's family comes u also so we have a great time with both families! We are truly blessed to have such great families! I hope everyone has a great year in 09! What the crap 09????? Seriously????

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hittin the slopes!

What a beautiful day at Snow Basin!
Look at those 2 cute girls and adorable ski's So Chad decided to check the girls out early and go skiing, they were oh so happy! It really is a cute sight to see the dad and then two little girls following him down the mountain, going through the trees and going off little jumps! Mean while the mom is barely going down the mountain saying really bad words in her head!
It was a perfect day, the girls did great on their new darling ski's and Chad was in heaven and I am really sore and totally out of shape.
As we were doing a run Elli looked over and saw a huge moose it was really cool and then at the same place while we were coming down again the moose found a friend! Two big bull moose's and they were kinda fighting it was really fun to watch! I love this time of year and spending time with my family!

Monday, November 24, 2008

a real COWGIRL!

My little Elli loves horses and loves to go on rides with Grandpa Dave! So after a lot of tears and rearranging schedules we finally made it out to Grandpa's house! So, they get them all saddled up and they were on their way as they were walking around the field for the first time they were watching and talking about the cute ducks they saw over in the retention pond, I guess the horses forgot to listen cause they ducks decided to fly away and scare the heck out of the horses! So Grandpa's legs go up and he almost goes off and Elli's horse shyed, she fell off and her horse took off running! Madi is yelling "mom Elli just fell off her horse" So I go running out into the field and she was all muddy and a little shaky and just a few tears, but she did what a real cowgirl would do.....She got right back on the horse. It took a while for the smile to come back upon her face but she rode for over an hour. It is fun to see her and my dad having a great time together and both are thoroughly happy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dear Santa........

Elli's Christmas List:

baset hound (real)


minature horse (real)

american girl doll

cup cake maker

pink roller blades

a new tire for my bike (her tire has been flat for like 2 mo. sad)

golf stuff (tiger woods in the making????)



art set


chocolate oranges


Madi's Christmas List

american girl doll-brown hair-nikki

cupcake maker

make it swipt it see it on the runway (ya I think it is barbie)

brat doll p.s. comes with streak



karokee machin


cook p.s. audrey has it (a wii game)


11 chocolate orange

11 yummies (candy I guess?)


And this list changes everyday, so far this is the latest written in pencil!

So hopefully Santa can get a couple things on the list!

I love this time of year!